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2020年9月再添科学城校区 国际教育升至世界顶尖

  It was announced that ISA Science City will open in August 2020 with a total construction area of 78,000 square metres and a total investment of more than 熟女爱USD 100 million. With the support of an excellent management and teaching team, curriculum, campus, and arts and sports facilities, ISA Science City will provide an opportunity for students in the Greater Bay Area to attend a world class international school. It is noteworthy that ISA Science City will be the only school in southern China built on land owned by the governing body. ISA Science City will be a prestigious school in China.


  The ISA International Education Group is committed to providing students, parents and teachers from different countries with the opportunity for all community members to learn and live in an environment where cultures and histories of different countries meet. ISAIEG aims to build a world class learning community dedicated to the cultural exchange between China and the West to express the ISA approach of “holistic growth, lifelong learning, and to cultivate world citizens with global competitiveness” involving families around the world.


  David Edwards, Head of School at Science City, explained that the school will feature the International Baccalaureate (IB), the learning of Chinese language and culture, a Compassionate Systems wellbeing programme and a rich cocurriculum. This will provide an exemplary international education for students, their families and teachers in the Greater Bay Area and southern China.


  The school facilities have been designed by CPG, a leading architectural firm in Singapore with architects graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Their goal is to build first-class facilities for implementing curricular and cocurricular programmes.


  ISA will build a healthy and pollution-free, green K-12 campus at Science City, attaining certification standards of environmental protection set by LEED. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment and residents.


  Founded in 2015, ISA Zhujiang New Town was the first school under ISAIEG. Michael Urquhart, Head of School, ISA Zhujiang New Town stated “with students from approximately 30 countries and regions, ISA Zhujiang New Town will continue to provide a quality international educational service to families and their children. We will fully mobilize community resources, take advantage of our favourable geographical location in downtown Guangzhou and the Redtory cultural site, to provide a stimulating, inquiry-based ISA education.”


  World Class Education Team

  Joins ISA Leadership Team



  In the past five years, ISAIEG has attracted leading figures from around the world who are experienced in international education and with an understanding of different cultures. Mark Beach, Vice President of Education Management for ISAIEG, introduced key ISA personnel who represent a wealth of educational and leadership experiences and who will play a significant role in ensuring ISAIEG’s success.

  在过去的五年中,爱莎国际教育集团及爱莎学校陆续从世界各地吸纳了一大批具有丰富国际教育经验及深厚文化底蕴的教育界领军人物。在此次会议中,爱莎国际教育集团教育管理副总裁 Mark Beach毕马克先生重磅推出全球顶级教育精英管理团队,引领爱莎国际教育集团达至世界顶尖水平。

  Mark Beach

  Vice President

  Education Management, ISAIEG

  爱莎国际教育集团 教育管理副总裁

  Mark was the founding Principal of ESF (English Schools Foundation) Discovery College in Hong Kong.


  In 2019, Discovery College's IB Diploma results placed it amongst the very top ranking IB schools worldwide.


  Stephen Lai


  Vice President

  Project Development, ISAIEG

  爱莎国际教育集团 项目发展副总裁

  Stephen was former Vice President of Harrow International Management Services, responsible for the planning & management of Harrow International School development projects.


  He was responsible for the planning & management of Harrow International School development projects, while also identifying new campus locations in Mainland China/Hong Kong & South East Asia.


  Craig Boyce


  Director of Education (International)

  Education Management, ISAIEG

  爱莎国际教育集团 教育总监(国际)

  Craig worked as the Founding Head of School at KaiWen Academy (Chaoyang) and as Director of Beanstalk International Bilingual School in Beijing.


  Craig worked in Hong Kong Chinese International School (CIS) for twenty-three years, including as the Curriculum Director of CIS.


  Craig made many valuable contributions to CIS and helped it to become one of the leading DP schools.


  Greg Zhang


  Director of Education (Chinese)

  Management Development, ISAIEG

  爱莎国际教育集团 教育总监(中国)

  Over the past 30 years, Greg has served as the Director and Principal of Huanggang Middle School Guangzhou, Yabao School Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University, Shanghai New Epoch School in Chongqing. He was also Vice General Manager of Dongchen Education Group.


  Gary Butner


  Project Development, ISAIEG

  爱莎国际教育集团 项目发展总监

  Gary was Deputy Principal (Curriculum) at Somerville House, a leading private school in Queensland for 10 years.

  Gary曾担任澳大利亚昆士兰顶级私立学校Somerville House副校长10年。

  Gary was Principal of the Tsinghua International Experimental School, Shenzhen for 3 years.


  Michael Urquhart

  Head of School

  ISA International School Guangzhou

  Zhujiang New Town

  广州爱莎外籍人员子女学校珠江新城校区 校长

  Michael has recently completed four years as the Headmaster of Victoria English School in the UAE where students achieved outstanding academic results in the IGCSE and A Levels examinations.

  Michael曾任阿联酋维多利亚英语学校的校长,该学校学生在IGCSE及A Level课程中均取得了优异成绩,且在阿联酋地区学术成绩排名第一。

  Michael has worked in IB Schools in China, Cambodia, USA, Mongolia and Australia, including Utahloy International School and the International School of Indiana.


  David Edwards

  Head of School

  ISA International School Guangzhou

  Science City

  广州爱莎外籍人员子女学校科学城校区 校长

  David is currently Head of St. Kilda Road Campus, the largest and oldest campus of Wesley College in Australia, managing more than 1600 students and nearly 600 employees.

  David目前在任澳洲Wesley卫斯理学院最大和历史最悠久校区 - 圣基尔达路校区的校长,管理超过1600名学生及近600名员工。

  David previously served as the Founding Principal then CEO of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), voted the leading international school in Singapore in 2017.


  Stanley Wong


  Director of Operations

  ISA International School Guangzhou

  Zhujiang New Town Campus

  Science City Campus



  Stanley served as the Head of General Administration of UWCSEA, the world's largest K-12 private international school, managing more than 5500 students and 1000 faculty members on two campuses. He was also the Director of Operations of Beijing Harrow International School.


  Mr. Mark Beach is a well-respected educational leader who has a very deep understanding of the IB curriculum. Prior to joining ISA, Mark was the founding principal of ESF (English Schools Foundation) Discovery College in Hong Kong, where students achieved some of the very highest IB Diploma scores in Asia. David Edwards and Michael Urquhart, Heads of School for Science City Campus and Head of School of Zhujiang New Town Campus respectively, will offer students an outstanding curriculum that will ensure further success to ISA.

  Mark Beach毕马克先生精通国际先进水平的IB教育理念,是IB教育的领军人物。曾任亚洲顶级IB 学校香港ESF(英国学校基金会)智新书院的创始校长,带领学生多年取得亚洲最优成绩!经验丰富的爱莎科学城校区校长David以及爱莎珠江新城校区校长Michael必将为学生提供最优课程,创造学校新辉煌。

  In addition, Stephen Lai, another member of the ISA team, brings a rich background of managing the development of advanced and modern schools in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Gary Butner comes with experience of independent school development in Australia along with private school leadership in China, both of which will benefit the development of the world class ISA schools. Craig Boyce, with decades of school leadership experience in Hong Kong and Beijing, leads the development of ISA’s curriculum and wellbeing systems, and will provide strong support for the curriculums with his Chinese and Western expertise.


  Greg Zhang will make full use of his extensive experience in education in China to integrate China’s strong discipline-based approach to mathematics and Chinese within international curriculum. Stanley Wong, who has experience in some of the leading international schools in Southeast Asia, will provide support for the standardised management and international operations of ISA schools.


  In the future, under the leadership of numerous educational specialists, the ISA International Education Group will further expand into the field of education, implement a global strategic plan intended to develop more culturally respectful, internationally-minded young people and continue to make positive contributions to the development of international education.


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